Youve Been Framed Photo Video - NETRESULTS Tennis Did you know that over 70% of all tennis played in the United States is played on municipal courts? NETRESULTS was formed to help facilitate more tennis growth at the grass roots level and to retain a higher % of existing players. We have accomplished these goals through programming that is fun and all inclusive action for all levels and ages. The recipe for the success NETRESULTS has enjoyed are; USPTA trained professionals, a well thought out marketing plan, develop important relationships within our community and to design and implement an instructional style that’s focus is fun and p Read Morerovides fitness. NETRESULTS Director, David MacBurnie has been directing high end private clubs since 1981. He has taken all 30 years of experience and success and has developed a successful formula for creating high quality instructional programs in addition to a menu of activities ranging from free weekly drop ins to hosting fundraisers for community causes. In today’s ever changing, fast paced world it is imperative to keep the menu of programs and activities fresh. Combining diverse activities with an instructional style that focuses on high cardio, games based learning and provides our clients with a dynamic program to enjoy. Tue, 12 Sep 2017 09:04:13 UTC en