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By learning how to advertise using Facebook Ads, you are joining the club of people who possess one of the most useful skills in present days. Certainly, Facebook Ads is becoming more and more important, since the number of people using internet and specifically Facebook is growing every day. People exchange a lot of data and information about their habits, interests, desires allowing marketers to be more relevant with ads.
This is one the most desired skills for online marketers, entrepreneurs, product managers, marketing managers and in general for all those who are competing on the market. Facebook ads become standard part of marketing plans and you almost cannot find any business enterprise or entrepreneur that is not using it. However, the number of those who know how to use it in effective and efficient way is still modest.
This is your chance – you can really stand out if you know how to apply Facebook ads. You can use Facebook advertising for promotion of your business or your products and services. Or if you are employed as a marketing manager in a company, you can use Facebook ads for promotion of company products and services. You can even specialize in Facebook ads and work as marketing agent offering advertising services for various businesses. Once you achieve first success with Facebook ads you will realize potential of this advertising channel.
Since launch of Facebook in 2004, it has grown a staggering user base. Currently there are about two billion users.
It has become a platform that we use in everyday life. We use it to connect to our friends and acquaintances, to follow our favorite brands, singers, to find different products and even to play games. We express there our thoughts, opinions, emotions. We publish on Facebook data about our place of living, about finished schools, about our favorite travel destinations, our relationship status etc. We mentioned here just some of basic interactions with Facebook. As you probably know there are much more data that we post on Facebook.
Facebook gather tons and tons of data about our habits and preferences. This data are actually very useful information for marketers who know how to use it and make profit.
In this book you will learn how to use Facebook advertising tools to scale your business. In the other words to leverage power of Facebook ads and make your business grows in an optimal way.
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