-Today, over 1.5 billion people across the world adhere to the faith of Islam. They are called Muslims, i.e. those who submit to the will of God.

- The history of Islam starts from Prophet Adam. Muslims believe in all prophets sent by God, including Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (may peace be upon them all).

- Unfortunately, today Islam has been maligned both by those who claim to profess it and those who don’t. Despite this, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today.

- Instead of relying on others, we encourage you to learn and understand more about this faith yourself. Find out and make your own informed decision about Islam.

We have Two Exclusive Qurans for Everyone

1.Free English Quran

The Quran is the Word of the Ever Living God: it has been
sent down to guide humanity for all times to come . No BOOK Can be like it. As
you come to the Quran, God Speaks to You. To Read the Quran is to hear him,
converse with him and to walk in his ways. It is the encounter of Life with the

“God – There in No Diety except him, the Ever living ,the sustainer of existence. He has sent down upon you, , the Book in Truth…….as guidance for the People’’

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Short Biography of the
Prophet Muhammad ( Peach Be Upon Him )Introduction to the Study
of the QuranThe Unique Quranic
GenerationPreservation and Literary
Challenge of the QuranScientific Miracles of the
QuranMiracles PerformedOld and New Testament
Prophecies of Muhammad ( Peace be upon him)Women in IslamHow do I Become a Muslim?Quick guide to Ablution and
PrayerFrequently Asked Questions
about Islam ( Short Answers)

TOTAL 500 pages Approx

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2.Word by Word Arabic to Enlish Quran With Color Coded Tajweed

Key Features
of This Word by Word Quran

Word by Word Translation Arabic – EnglishColor Coded Tajweed – Which will help you Read/Pronounce the Arabic Words Correctly )Holy Quran English Translation by Muhammad Muhsin KhanQuran Translation Approved by University of MadinahEasy to Understand Simple EnglishWell Laid Out, Easy and Extremely BeneficialThis is a Must have for Everyone in Every HomeMakes it an Excellent Gift

Word by Word Quran

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